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2020 Showreel - Rigs developed while attending the 3D animation and VFX course at Vancouver Film School


Textures by Kendell Maloles

All mechanical parts work based on the position of the body and the claw.

  • Gears rotate based on the claw bend.

  • Pistons contract based on the proximity of their origins.

  • Ring and ball mechanical system guarantees all axis rotations for the legs' origins.


Model by Manuel Armonio

  • Advanced reverse foot rig based on curve

  • Integrated switch IK/FK for arm and fingers 

  • Dynamic Joints (hood and bandages)

  • Master pose control for FK spine

  • Master pose control for FK hand 


Model by Elizabeth Filardi

  • Auto animation on the back fins based on expression

  • Arms and Body transformation are based on curves

  • Advanced reverse foot rig based on a set animation

  • Facial expressions based on blend shapes


Models by James Assayag

Physics settings by Vitor Brito

  • Simple Rig made to work on an animation based on physics for games.

  • According to the required for the physics settings on the engine, I created joints and skinning for the models.

  • Created for Afloat (August - Vancouver Film School Best Game)

Doug Jones (FACS)

Model by Jesse Irvin

A new approach for FACS basing most of the rig in joint transformation.

  • ​Mouth and forehead transformation based in a secondary mesh with ribbon joins.

  • Eyelids' transformation is based on the closest point on the eye's surface, creating a realistic movement.


Rigging made for the game Addle Earth.

Concepts by Sunland Studios.
Models by Jean Souza and Yara Rocha.

Che, Moses, and Kit are the main characters of the game, each one has different skills to play with.

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Eyelid rigging tool

This tool needs 1 surface and N locators.

Select and load the surface.

Select and load the locators.

The tool will create a joint aiming at the locators and sliding over the surface.

Multi Constraint

The standard Maya constraint gives the control to create multiple targets for one constraint but not to create multiple constraints for a single target. This tool reverses the selection and creates more constraints for a single last selected target.

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