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Model by Manuel Armonio


FK Hand

The ​FK Hand have a set of animation following actions in a Master Control

  • Close Hand

  • Open Hand

  • Gradual closure of hand from pinky to index finger

  • Gradual closure of hand from index to pinky finger

  • Open fingers

  • Spider-Man hand pose

IK Hand

IK Hand was created aiming the wall grabbing situations, the animator could use it to all kinds of contact and pressure situations over the finger

The main Control brings fingers, hand, and arm to the first position wile de secondary control and the fingers control alow to create details easier.

Advanced Reverse Foot Based on Curves

Advanced Reverse Foot Based on Curves allow the animator to set the foot Ctrl over the surface and create the foot bend just dragging one control.

This equipment works based on a dynamic pivot sliding over the curve with the shape of the foot


The Spine has a master control to move all the spine with one movement with no necessity to select each control.


Once this rig uses dynamic joints to create the secondary animation for the hood it makes it necessary to give more control for the animator creating a separate control for it.


A basic bland shape for the eyes creates a good combination of expressions.

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