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Model by Elizabeth Filardi


Fins Auto Animation

Back Fins' auto animation works based on 3 curves with deformation built from sine. It happens in a separate system that sends the animation by blend shape for the main model. This allows to the creation of a second transformation that closes and opens the fins in the main rig while the animation happens over time.

Stretch Leg

Leg stretches based on a minimum distance between the ankle and hips. It allows the leg to bend while it is in the normal size and stretch when it is not.

Squash and stretch Arms

Arms are based in spline IK, stretching a squashing according to the curve length.

Spine IK 

Spine IK is set to create any kind of transformation for the body compressing it or making it longer. For the purpose of the animation, the squash wasn't necessary.

Facial Deformation

Facial deformation is a mix of blend shapes and joints to create the basic expressions necessary for the animation.

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